What Do Landlords Need to Know About Move-Out Letters?

As a property owner, you have a long list of responsibilities. From property inspection and maintenance to compliance with local and state laws and rent collection, the list goes on and on. So, why would you add composing a move-out letter for your tenant to your list?

While it might seem like a tedious and non-essential task, sending your tenant a move-out letter can protect you and your investment property.

What is a Tenant Move-Out Letter?

When a tenancy comes to an end, a landlord can send their tenant a move-out letter to serve as a reminder they need to vacate the premises. A move-out letter will clearly state the termination of the rental agreement and the date the tenant is expected to leave the rental premises.

Be sure to check local and state laws to see if giving your tenant advance notice to vacate the property is necessary.

Property owners can also use the move-out letter to outline any expectations they have about the condition of the property. We suggest reminding your tenant of their cleaning responsibilities by outlining specific areas they’re expected to clean before vacating the property.

If you have some property management experience, you understand that the property’s condition is one of the major points of dispute between landlords and tenants. A move-out letter helps reduce any potential landlord-tenant conflicts.

A landlord in a grey suit and burgundy tie stands in a vacant rental property with cream walls and light wood floors while checking items off their move-out checklist.

Move-out letters also reduce the stress that comes with tenant turnover and a vacant property. The current tenant (provided they are a quality tenant) will make the necessary repairs and cleaning as outlined in the move-out letter so you don’t have to spend extra time preparing your property before renting to the next tenant.

What Are the Benefits of Sending a Move-Out Letter?

Sending a move-out letter can help your rental business thrive in many ways, including:

  • Maintaining good relations with current and former tenants. Tenants will appreciate notice before move-out day. The letter can also serve as an ‘appreciation letter’ to thank tenants for renting your property.
  • Clarifying the responsibilities for your tenants. Even great tenants might not know what’s expected of them upon move-out. The move-out letter will clearly outline what you expect to be cleaned and repaired and eliminate any confusion between both parties.
  • Giving your renters time to prepare. When given a month or two in advance, the letter will give your tenant adequate notice to meet all your expectations and reduce potential future friction during tenant turnover.

What Needs to Be Included in the Move-Out Letter?

If you’re planning to send your tenant a move-out letter, here is the basic information you need to include:

  • The date. This is the date on which you delivered the letter to the tenant, be it personally or via mail.
  • Contact information. This is the same number and email that the renter has been reaching you at.
  • Move-out date. The move-out date must be described explicitly as well as the reason for the termination of the lease agreement. If there’s an option for the extension of the lease, this is the section where you can include such an option.
  • Details of the property Inspection. We suggest you do a final inspection of the property to ensure that all repairs have been done. Let your tenant know when this will take place. You can also bring a move-out checklist with you.
  • Instructions on where to leave the keys.
  • Information about the security deposit. You need to know how and when the security deposit should be returned to the tenant so you can keep them informed. Familiarize yourself with Nevada State Landlord-Tenant rules.

A tenant’s hand holds a pair of keys to a rental property, ready to return them to the landlord.

Every rental property has its unique needs and can require a customized move-out letter. Consulting a reputable property management company in your area, like Evolve Nevada, might give you a better idea of what’s expected of you.

What’s the Difference Between an Eviction Notice and a Move-Out Letter?

An eviction letter is quite different from a move-out letter. The eviction process can be lengthy and time consuming, though necessary when a tenant violates one or several provisions of the lease agreement. The eviction notice serves as the precursor to the actual eviction.

Eviction procedures and processes vary from one state to another. If you need to evict a renter, make sure to consult with an experienced property professional in your area. Failure to follow local and state laws might result in the eviction being considered null and void.

How Does Tenant Screening Increase the Effectiveness of Move-Out Letters?

When you send a move-out letter, you’re partly relying on the willingness of the tenant to comply with the notice. An ideal tenant will complete all the responsibilities outlined in the letter, provided they comply with the law. Tenant screening is essential to ensure your tenant will respond reasonably to the move-out letter.

Two smiling tenants reach to take the keys from a property manager in a grey dress shirt as they stand in their newly rented apartment.

As a property owner, you might lack the resources and the expertise to conduct a thorough tenant screening process. You can rely on the Nevada property experts at Evolve Nevada. With years of experience advising property owners in the area, we have the tools and resources to find quality tenants for your rental property.

Bottom Line: The Importance of Move-Out Letters

When done properly, a move-out letter can improve the viability of your investment in Nevada real estate. With many other landlord responsibilities to tend to, property owners don’t always prioritize the move-out letter.

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