Finding and moving to a new home is an overwhelming process. EVOLVE Nevada’s team of professionals understands your goals and will help find the perfect rental property for your needs.

With all EVOLVE Nevada Property Management Residential Agreements we offer a Tenants Benefits Package. This package will help you meet all the requirements of your lease agreement.

The monthly cost of the Tenants Benefits Package varies based on service levels. We advertise each one specifically for the property it accompanies and include it in all lease agreements to ensure you’re fully aware of the cost. You will receive a charge for the package once a month.

The Tenants Benefits Package includes Insurance Benefits and Payment & Service Benefits at no additional cost. These include the following:

Tenant Insurance Benefits Overview

With the Tenant Insurance Benefits, the insurance requirements outlined in your lease agreement will no longer apply. These benefits will cover up to the following maximums:

  • Liability Limits: $100,000
  • Tenant Personal Contents: $20,000
  • Deductible: $750 paid by the tenant
  • Medical Expenses: $3,000
  • Additional Living Expenses: $3,000

Other coverages may be included, so check your individual policy for specific details. You should also consult an insurance professional to evaluate your own personal insurance needs.

Payment & Service Benefits Overview

With the Payment & Service Benefits, you will have access to the following:

  • Deposit-Free Amenities for Qualified Renters
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Moving Concierge and Utility Assistance
  • Tenant Portal Access
  • Payment Fee Waiver
  • 24/7 Maintenance Hotline Access
  • Credit Rent Boost Reporting

Tenant Benefits Package Overview

1. Online Payment Options

With our Tenant Benefits Package, you’ll have access to a variety of payment options, both offline and online, at no additional charge. All online ACH payments with MLPM are accepted free of a service charge.

MLPM accepts payments via any RentMoney participating vendors, such as Walmart. Here you’ll have the option to pay in cash or via a money order. Walmart may incorporate a service fee; however, this option will save you time. Further, Walmart timestamps all payments. These will be added to your ledger within 24 hours as proof of payment.

2. Tenant Portal

Tenants will have free access to our online Tenant Portal. Here you can submit maintenance requests, make online rent payments, get a copy of your lease, and access all your records, including electronic statements. This portal is available 24/7 to you.

3. Credit Reporting

All tenant payments made during your lease agreement will be reported to the credit reporting agency TransUnion for free. We work with CreditRentBoost to provide this service to you. You will boost your credit significantly for all on-time rent payments that you make.

4. 24/7 Maintenance Line

We provide our tenants with access to a Maintenance Hotline available 24/7 for live support over the phone. You can reach out after hours for any emergency maintenance concern you have.

5. Late or NSF Payment Waiver

We grant our tenants a one-time waiver of a returned ACH or check payment fee. MLPM also offers you a one-time late fee waiver should you need it.

6. Convenient Move-In and Self Inspection

All new tenants can enjoy the convenience of moving in on their own time. We provide a supplemental move-in report service online that you can complete with five (5) days of your lease start.

We provide all detailed move-in inspections (complete with photo and video documentation) prior to your occupancy, however, our supplemental move-in report allows you to provide additional documentation. This may be significant when the time comes for you to move out and receive your security deposit back.

7. No Upfront Move-In or Lease Preparation Fees

Often property management companies will charge new tenants a “lease preparation fee” or “credit risk mitigation fee”. These can often run between $300 and $500.

At EVOLVE Nevada Property Management, we incorporate these fees into your Tenants Benefits Package, spreading the cost out over the term of your lease agreement. This will reduce the upfront move-in costs, making your transition as affordable as possible.

8. Moving Concierge Program

We offer a third-party moving concierge service to help you install and activate all your utilities, internet, cable, and alarm services. You can do this all through one phone call, rather than separate requests to specific companies. This simplifies the process of transferring all your services and utilities into your name at your new address.

9. Tenant Insurance Program

As outlined in the overview above, our Tenant Insurance Program is incorporated into the Tenants Benefits Package. Enrolling in this program will mean you are no longer required to provide insurance for accidental damages that arise up to $100,000. This does not, however, waive your liability for third party damage or deliberate/intentional actions. Any amount over $100,000 remains subject to the terms of the lease agreement.

Subject to the terms, exclusions, and limitations of the lease agreement, the Tenant Insurance Program will also cover the costs up to the following maximums:

  • Tenant Personal Contents: $20,000
  • Deductible: $750 paid by the tenant
  • Medical Expenses: $3,000
  • Additional Living Expenses: $3,000

Your insurance will start on your move-in date and you will be responsible for contacting us for all claims and submissions. You will also be responsible to pay for any deductibles charged per incident for claims relating to your unit. Conditions and exclusions apply, so please review the policy and your lease agreement for details of your particular case.

10. Deposit-Free Amenities

With this amenity, qualified tenants will have the option to not pay their security deposit and instead provide secure Billing Authorization. This will allow us to instead bill you up to a certain amount, just like a security deposit.

If we make a charge against your Billing Authorization, you can pay the balance in installments using the payment method of your choice. You may also dispute unreasonable charges, just like a traditional security deposit.

If you do not qualify for this, or if you prefer to pay a traditional security deposit, you can do so using the same online process.


You can choose to opt out of any of the EVOLVE Nevada Property Management benefits listed in the package above. However, you will still have to pay the monthly cost for the Tenant Benefit Package. This is outlined in the Tenant Lease Agreement in section 6.a.