Pros & Cons of Living in Reno

Officially established in 1868 along the banks of the Truckee River, the city of Reno is one that many people are proud to call home. Several developments in the area have led to its monumental growth.

Notable examples include the establishment of the University of Nevada, the highly-rated casinos, and the vibrant tourism scene. This has contributed millions of dollars worth of revenue to the city and a large number of jobs.

Like any city, there are several advantages and drawbacks for those of you considering living in Reno. It ultimately depends on what’s the best fit for you! To unpack these pros and cons, Evolve Nevada, the premier property management company in Reno, is here to help!

Here are some issues that you should take into account when considering if you should live in Reno:

Pros of Living in Reno

Reno has a huge amount to offer, and here are just a few of the city’s many positive features:

Terrific Outdoor Spaces

If you love to feel the sun, we highly recommend that you relocate to Reno. There are plenty of outdoor recreational options in and around the city, thanks to the desert weather. The Rancho San Rafael Regional Park offers a stunning setting and plenty of activities for families to enjoy. You can also ski or go whitewater rafting nearby, depending on the season!

For those who are adventurous, Reno also has easy access to many close attractions. Virginia City is a notable mention. Residents descend upon the picturesque boardwalks and enjoy a day in the historic setting.

For those who love a city escape into nature, Lake Tahoe is the place to be to enjoy clean beaches and clear waters, and there are miles and miles of beautiful landscapes to explore in Washoe Valley.

outdoor activities reno

For those looking for a history-based option, we recommend visiting the Bowers Mansion. The historic home is striking, making it one of the top attractions near Reno!

Manageable Traffic

For those with a history of living in an urban area, you can agree that it’s a challenge to move from one part of the city to another due to traffic. Some cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Portland are known for their monster traffic jams where residents can spend almost a whole hour in traffic just to move a few miles.

Such a scenario is rare in Reno. Highway 395 offers residents easy navigation from the north to the south of the city, and Interstate 80 from the east to the west. Locals enjoy exceptional driver access, thanks to the freeways.

The Hospitality of the Locals

The hospitality of the locals determines whether new residents are able to integrate themselves easily into the community. The people of Reno are friendly with newcomers and welcome them with open arms!

reno is a friendly city

Within a few days or weeks, new residents are able to consider themselves part of their neighborhood and the larger community. Reno and the larger Northern Nevada area are widely known for their hospitality.

Low Crime Levels

There’s no place where one wants to feel safest and most secure than at home. In a safe area, you’re able to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day.

In particular, the suburbs of Reno are known for their low crime rating. This also applies to the older subdivisions and newer neighborhoods. You can stay close to the city core and still feel secure, which is something many cities can’t claim.

Festivals and Cultural Attractions

Worried that there won’t be much to do when you move? You can set that thought aside right away! Rarely will a month go by without a festival or community event happening in the city.

Some of the standout festivals in Reno include Reno is Artown, the Great Reno Balloon Race, and Hot August Nights.

Cons of Living in Reno

There’s no city that’s 100% perfect. What matters is if the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to your priorities. As such, you should take note of the following:

Cold Winters

With the desert climate in Reno, you might think that the area doesn’t experience any seasonal changes. If you’re considering moving to our beautiful city, you should be informed that the area has all four seasons, including a relatively cold winter. In addition, the city of Reno gets an average of 20+ inches of snow per year.

reno winters

However, compared to other cities and regions in the Continental U.S., the winter in Reno can be considered quite mild! Just make sure you have some warmer clothes, and you’ll be all set.

Limited Job Options

While there are many jobs available, the industries are more limited. Reno has had its roots in the hospitality industry, such as casinos and hotels. A majority of employees in the city are employed in these sectors.

The city, however, is making strides to change this. Opportunities and job positions in healthcare, construction, and education are becoming more and more available.

Limitations with Public Transit

For those looking to live within the city, especially the downtown area, this issue is probably not a concern for you. Public transportation is reliable and offers convenience in the city. The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) offers residents a reliable commute throughout the downtown area.

The scenario is different outside of the city, however. Residents in the suburbs often need a car to make their commute to their various destinations.

Bottom Line

As you can see, the advantages of living in Reno greatly outweigh the cons! Choosing to live in Reno could be one of the best decisions that you make. If you’re considering moving here, then you can rest assured that you’re making a great choice!

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