Announcing the Evolve Nevada for Realtors App

How You Can Put the EvolveNV for Realtors App to Work for You

There is no shortage of apps available for property investors and realtors out there—but wouldn’t it be great if there was one catered specifically to those buying or listing properties in the Greater Reno and Sparks areas?

Well now there is! The EvolveNV for Realtors app is now available on both the IOS and Android app stores, and it gives you a direct point of access to essential tools and insights for realtors and property investors.

Below, you’ll have an opportunity to get familiar with some of the features that the Evolve Nevada app provides to give you the upper hand whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Reno, Nevada and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Using the Evolve Nevada for Realtors App

Wow Your Clients

When you have access to the Evolve for Realtors app, you’ll have an indispensable resource at your fingertips that gives you an advantage over your competitors.


That’s because you’ll be able to conduct a rental analysis in the middle of a property showing. Once the analysis is complete, you’ll be instantly notified. Then, you’ll be able to pass on the results of this rental analysis directly to your clients.

The Evolve for Realtors app puts real estate agents in Nevada in the privileged situation of having access to tools, reports, and insights—whenever and wherever.

The rental market in the Reno area is fast-moving and ever-changing. With access to constantly updated information and real-time rental market insights, you’ll never be caught flat-footed. Particularly if you're new to the real estate or rental markets, you'll want to have effective tools at your disposal.

Earn and Track Referral Bonuses

When you make use of EvolveNV’s Realtor Referral Program, you’ll have the ability to provide property owner clients with access to an esteemed property management company in the Reno area who can take the stress and strain out of investment property ownership.


Your clients will appreciate being put in touch with an experienced team of property management experts. But there’s something in it for you, too.

Each time you successfully refer a property owner using the EvolveNV Realtor Referral Program, you’ll receive a referral bonus of $295 once your property owner client hires Evolve to manage their rental property.

Using the EvolveNV for Realtors app, you’ll be able to easily check the status of each referral in a simple, organized fashion. The status of your referrals will automatically update, providing you with a notification when each status is updated.

Access Industry Insights

At Evolve, we know that property owners in the Reno area are always looking to stay on top of market trends and conditions.


By maximizing your knowledge about the current state of the area’s rental market, you’ll be well-positioned to provide the insights and advice your clients deserve.

Using the EvolveNV for Realtors App, you’ll have access to investor trends, tips, and news, specifically catered to the local market.

With our handy app, it’ll be simple to stay up to date with the latest information from wherever you are, even when you’re in a time crunch—which, let’s face it, is often the case.

Get Accurate Rental Market Analyses

As a realtor in Nevada, it’s a huge advantage to be able to present your clients with an accurate rental analysis at the drop of a hat. They’ll appreciate your resourcefulness and that you’re respectful of their busy schedule.

That’s why you need access to the rental market analysis feature of the EvolveNV for Realtors app. You can request an analysis while you’re in the middle of a showing and you can expect the results to be provided in the app in under an hour.

With accurate market insights provided to you by a professional team, you’ll feel confident in each interaction with clients.

About Evolve Nevada

For over two decades, the property management team at Evolve Nevada has been providing top-notch property management services. The Evolve team has continued to grow and flourish over the years, now managing nearly 500 doors, representing more than $200 million in value.


Whether you’re a real estate agent looking for the latest industry insights and tools, or you’re a property investor looking to maximize your ROI on property in the Reno and Sparks areas, we have the experience and skills to help you succeed.

We’ve heard from countless clients over the years that our property management services put them over the top, providing a huge advantage over others in the local market. Now, using the EvolveNV for Realtors app, you’ll have constant access to the tools you need to succeed.

Download the App

Ready to get started with the powerful EvolveNV for Realtors app? Either head to the IOS or Android app stores, or get access by scanning one of the QR codes below using your phone.


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I could not be happier with my decision to engage Evolve Nevada to manage my rental property. They are a perfect mix of expertise and personal touch that makes the relationship constructive and worthwhile. I rely on Evolve Nevada not just for the mechanics of renting my home, but for trusted advice on best ways to proceed -- leveraging their experience -- that will benefit me long-term. I highly recommend Evolve Nevada for property management.

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