Top Tips When Buying Investment Property in Sparks, NV

Looking to buy an investment property in Sparks, NV? The timing is perfect and we will tell you why.

It’s without a doubt that real estate investments have helped produced many of the wealthiest people in the world. As such, investing in Sparks, NV real estate is a great decision.

So, why is investing in Sparks, NV real estate market such a good idea?

It has a wide collection of attractions and events, a strong population increase, the renter population is high and they have a great education system. Not to mention home values are increasing!

To be a successful investor, it is paramount that you follow these tips and do proper research prior to making your purchase.
In this article, we here at Evolve Nevada, will go through the basics of purchasing an investment property in Sparks, NV.

What is the Spark, NV Real Estate Market like?

Sparks, NV lies east of Reno. There are a wide array of attractions and events which have led to an increase in rental demand from people wishing to settle in the area.

Top Tips for Real Estate Investments in Sparks, NV.

1. Find Properties within Your Budget

Knowing your budget is an important aspect for you to consider when planning to invest in a certain area. Sparks has a wide range of properties, making it a great location to find one within your budget.


Establish your budget and identify your investment goals. Doing so makes it easier to shop for your next investment property as you’ll have a clearer view of how much to spend.

You also need to factor the fees and taxes into your purchasing budget. This way you can avoid unforeseen rental property expenses which may add up with time.

2. Select Areas that Promise High Rent Returns

It is no secret that property investment can be very lucrative, but only if you have the right property.

When shopping for an investment property, look for ones that promise a handsome return.

How do you find properties that fit this standard? Well, you’ll need to weigh the upfront costs against the income expected. An investment property that generates income equal to or greater than the cost of purchase will help you reach your investments goals.

3. Seek Professional Help from a Property Management Company

Hiring a professional can be one of the best decisions if you are starting out. A good property management company can help you run your day-to-day activities smoothly and efficiently.

They’ll take care of anything like screening your tenants, marketing your property, tending to maintenance issues and more.


New investors think they can handle their property on their own without realizing the extent of their responsibilities as landlords. You need to know how to find good tenants, respond to maintenance request in a timely manner, follow state laws and regulations and much more.

Evolve can help you manage your property in a professional and reasonable manner. In doing so, we will also reduce stress on you as an investor.

4. Do the Math

Even the safest property investment can incur expenses. You must ask yourself, how the property investment will pay for mortgage?

So, let the numbers speak for themselves when investing in real estate. If the rental income will be able to meet all the expenses, including the monthly costs, then you have invested wisely.

When trying to establish rent look to similar units the area and see what their rates are. This way you’ll know how much to charge to make a profit while still keeping prices competitive and desirable to prospective tenants.

In addition, you will also need to look at the operating expenses. Your profit should be equal to the total amount of the monthly rental income minus your expenses.

Note that when calculating your expenses, it’s safer to over-estimate the monthly cost to avoid any surprises.


5. Invest in the Right Location.

Choosing the right location plays a big role in determining the success of your investment. So, it’s paramount to choose the right area for your investment.

Familiarize yourself with the vacancy rates, expected rental income and expenses to incur. You should also analyze real estate market trends, see if major developments are coming to the area, consider the crime rates and what amenities the area offers.

6. Market Your Property.

Having a good market plan in mind is important when it comes to your investment. For you to attract ideal tenants, you’ll have to make use of both traditional and online marketing strategies.

This means using social media as well as rental listing sites, newspapers ads and yards signs. Your ads should have catchy headlines with high quality photos.

In a Nutshell: Real Estate Investing Tips in Sparks NV

As highlighted above, Sparks, NV offers attractive investment opportunities for potential buyers.

To ensure the success of your rental unit markets the property, choses the right location, finds property within your budget and hire a professional property management company.

Reach out to us today, we would love to discuss investment opportunities in Sparks with you!

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