How to Advertise Your Reno Rental Property Successfully

One of the best ways to lower your vacancy rate, attract the best tenants, and increase the return on investment for your rental property is through good advertising. If a great Reno rental property is open but no one knows about it, rental income and ROI won't increase.

When a property is adequately advertised, the pool of potential tenants expands. This makes it easier to find the best tenants, which results in optimal resident placement. An owner can increase resilience to their property and financial losses by renting to highly-qualified residents.

We've gathered some advice and methods for successfully advertising your Reno rental property.

Take High-Quality Photographs

It's important to remember that individuals who are looking for rental houses will spend the majority of their time looking through photographs. While you can take great photos with today’s smartphones, you want to make sure you’re putting the effort in to frame each rental property as positively as possible.

Photography Setup and Staging

The first step in capturing excellent pictures is setting up the scene. Clear the area of any rubbish, debris, or dust that may have gathered there. Lower the toilet seats in the restrooms. Don't leave cleaning supplies on the counters, and make sure all personal items are out of the way.

Person looking through settings on a DSLR camera

The images are meant to present a setting in which potential residents can envision living. It must be visually appealing and compel potential tenants to contact you. Make it look desirable.

Clear up any cobwebs from the corners and thoroughly clean the windows. If there is an outdoor space or lawn, make sure to tidy and photograph that, as well.

Photography Lighting

Next, consider the lighting. When taking any marketing photos, always use natural light. Make sure that all of the building's lights are turned on if taking photos during the day isn't an option or if it turns out to be a cloudy, dark day. The lighting has a direct impact on how clear and sharp your photographs are.

Photography Angles

Consider your shooting angles once the house is spotless, the lighting is ideal, and the set is prepared. The corner will always provide the broadest view.

Here are a few tips that may be useful:

  • Try to capture no more than two walls for the picture. Three walls can make an image or room feel small and closed in.
  • Take the images from an angle that replicates viewing the room in person. The goal is to capture a lovely, genuine image that gives prospective renters the best impression possible of the home.

Before visiting the house to take pictures, it's a good idea to create a shot list so that the photographer (even if that’s you) is prepared and doesn’t miss any key features or rooms in the home.

Photography Shot List

Seated person with a bear looking at their cellphone

Here is a recommended shot list to have on hand when photographing properties:

  • All the bedrooms in the house.
  • All the bathrooms in the house.
  • Several pictures of the kitchen gadgets and appliances.
  • Both inside and outdoor dining areas.
  • Living and family rooms.
  • External spaces, especially the parking lot and yard.
  • Any other pictures that showcase unique and attractive features.

While using a professional camera is ideal, you can also take good pictures with a smartphone. The best results will be achieved with high-resolution photographs, but they do not need to be expensive.

Generate Great Copy

With a few good photographs in hand, you’ll next want to create precise, interesting, and persuasive descriptions. In addition to facilitating search engine visibility, optimizing your listings makes sure that ads are found by prospective residents. The two separate components of the copy are the header and the breakdown or description.

Headline Formula

A clear headline is required. Since the title is the first element someone sees while browsing a listing, a lot of people rely on it to decide whether or not to keep reading. Consider the following formula when writing the headline for a rental property advertisement.

Cost of Rent + Number of Bedrooms + Number of Bathrooms + Type of Property +
Location + Great Selling Point

Red House For Rent sign in front of a wooden-pannelled house

The most important details are presented clearly, which encourages readers to continue reading. The headline immediately lets potential tenants know if the home fits their preferred criteria for price, location, and size.

Summary Description

Write the synopsis after coming up with a catchy headline. This portion of the advertisement can help prospective residents get a better picture of the property. Highlight any unique qualities or notable amenities that are provided.

The neighborhood should be described with adjectives. To increase the value of your listing, include a map or other relevant information about the area.

Make sure the language is appropriate for the target audience. If you have any pet policies or other restrictions, be sure to note them in your listing. Indicate whether or not utilities are included, as well as any amenities like a pool, parking, or proximity to public transportation.

Publish Your Ad

The listing won't be useful until people can see it. Think about the websites that your ideal tenants would visit. Zillow, Zumper, and Facebook are just a few of the popular sites for displaying rental property listings.

You can also use more traditional methods of advertising. Some locals don’t use the internet, so they might only see the message while out and about. Post anything there so that it may be seen by a variety of potential residents. Consider the various resident kinds whenever you are advertising.

Person in a blue blazer sitting at a cafe bar and talking on their phone

After the residence is listed, make sure to verify and update it frequently. There are unique guidelines for every website. Take this into account to keep the listing from drowning or falling behind.

Bottom Line on Rental Property Advertising

Consider working with a reputable rental management company to eliminate the hassles
associated with owning, leasing, and advertising rental properties in Reno. With an emphasis on giving you peace of mind via a level of professionalism you won't find anywhere else, Evolve Nevada is the team you need by your side.

We are a full-service property management firm in Northern Nevada that focuses on managing both residential and commercial properties. Your rental property will be promoted, tenants and applicants will be managed, a dependable rent collecting system will be put in place, and all accounting requirements will be handled by our managers.

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