Neighborhoods in Reno & Sparks

Before you move to a new city, you should explore the city and all its nearby neighborhoods. Doing so will give you a good idea of what the city has to offer.

There are several factors you should consider when choosing a neighborhood to reside in. Do you want to live in an urban area with a vibrant community that's near schools and commercial establishments? Or, would you prefer living in a quiet neighborhood far from the city's noise and traffic?

Considering an investment property in Reno? This guide has helpful tips about some of the most promising areas.

The two major areas in Nevada are Reno and Sparks. Reno has a population of 236,995, while Sparks has a population of 94,708.

Some neighborhoods in Reno/Sparks can be easily defined, while others are individual communities. The good news is that Reno/Sparks offer different types of areas, so you can find one that's best for you and your family.

Below are some of the neighborhoods you can find in these areas.

Old Southwest

You can find the Old Southwest near Downtown Reno. Since its early years, it has remained a desirable location because of its many well-preserved historic homes. In this neighborhood, you'll find a maturing landscape with very unique homes.

Donner Springs

This place used to be at the edge of Reno in the 70s and 80s, but it has grown to be a well-established community on the fringe of downtown. This residential area is minutes away from major freeways. Donner Springs is a great neighborhood because it combines convenience and proximity.

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Hidden Valley

Located near Donner Springs, you'll find Hidden Valley. This beautiful neighborhood is set against the mountains. It's a quiet area that's far from main roads and traffic. There is also a large community park and two golf courses (a private and a public one) in Hidden Valley.

South Meadows/Double Diamond

South Meadows and Double Diamond are Reno's newest neighborhoods. Located outside Reno's downtown area, they feature many large stucco style homes. The homes are near Mount Rose which provides excellent views of the city to the east, and mountains to the west.

Damonte Ranch

Damonte Ranch is a master-planned community that has several residential houses, condos, and apartments. The only commercial building is the shopping center that has a few large stores, restaurants, and businesses. You can also find plenty of open areas in this neighborhood.


Located south of downtown Reno, Midtown offers a diverse mix of restaurants, shopping centers, and small businesses. There are also many nature trails and places to walk around in the area.

It was recently revitalized to become a mixed neighborhood. Residents converted the older homes into small businesses. That said, there are still many places to live in Midtown.

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Spanish Springs

Spanish Springs is located north of Sparks. The area is filled with single-family homes, but recently, a large shopping center was built between Sparks and Spanish Springs. The majority of the homes have large lots and plenty of open spaces.

North Valleys

North Valleys is located on the east side of Peavine Mountain, north of Reno. It's composed of the following smaller communities: Cold Springs, Golden Valley, Panther Valley, Lemmon Valley, Red Rock, and Stead. On the outer area of Reno, you can find larger lots that are used as horse property.


You can find Verdi on the west of Reno, near the California border. It's a small charming town that's popular among those who enjoy small-town living. It's perfect because it's a peaceful area, but it's not too far from Reno. It offers excellent hiking because it's located near mountains and Crystal Peak.

Virginia City Highlands

Virginia City Highlands is located between Virginia City, in Storey Country, and south Reno. If you're looking to build a custom home, it's perfect as this neighborhood offers many large lots. The city provides some of the best views in the area, including Slide Mountain and Mount Rose's views.


Located northwest of Reno, Somersett is a master-planned community. Here, you can find 3,700 homes. It offers various recreational areas for its residents, such as a golf course, hiking trails, biking paths and a recreation center.

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Galena/Montreux/St. James Village

This area is located southwest of Reno, near Mount Rose. It's a secluded forested area with several towering pines. Montreux is the only area in Nevada that has the Jack Nicklaus Signature Design golf course. In the last few years, this area became famous because it was a stop on the PGA tour.

Pleasant Valley/Steamboat

Pleasant Valley/Steamboat is a rural area located South of Reno, on the way to Carson City. It's a quiet neighborhood that's not too far from the city. It has plenty of average-size residential lots.

Bottom Line

The Reno/Sparks area has various neighborhoods that cater to different types of people. Whether you prefer a community that's close to downtown, or a quiet neighborhood in the country, Reno/Sparks has something to offer you and your family.

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