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For more than two decades now, the top real estate agents in Washoe County, Nevada have been partnering with EvolveNV to help their businesses get to the next level.

The EvolveNV for Realtors app is a must-have for anyone buying or listing property in the Greater Reno and Sparks area because of how it puts the information you need at your fingertips.

When you use our app, you'll always be in direct contact with EvolveNV experts.

Here are some of benefits of using the EvolveNV for Realtors app!


Supercharge Your Confidence with Clients

You'll be able to request a rental analysis instantly on your phone while showing a property. There'll be a notification the second a response is available, and you can view the rental analysis from wherever you are.

Your clients will appreciate the speed and convenience of on-the-spot rental analysis. With this information all in one place, you'll never have to go searching between emails and documents again.

Boost Your Earnings By Referring Investors

By referring investor clients of yours to us, you'll be helping them by connecting them with an esteemed property management company. You'll also benefit yourself through our referral payments.

You'll be able to track the referrals you provide us with. You can check the status of each referral and receive notifications whenever the statuses change.

Stay Current with Local Rental Industry Insights

You'll always be up-to-date with the latest investor trends, tips, and news that you need to thrive in the local market.


Accurate Rental Analysis for Investors

free rental analysis

You want to be able to provide your investor clients with fast, accurate rental analysis. By using our app, you'll be able to request an analysis during showings. You'll receive a response within the app itself within the hour!

Our free rental analysis will give you the confidence of having professional rental market experts working to give you the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Referral Payments

referral payments

Any time one of your owner clients hires EvolveNV to manage their rental property, we'll pay you a referral payment of $295.

We also provide a Refer Back Guarantee. That means we'll always refer your clients back to you once they're ready to buy or sell property. That way, we can help build momentum and grow together!

Rental Rate Comparisons

rental rate comparisons

EvolveNV can provide you with a free, speedy rental analysis whenever you need one.

Using our network of professional tools, we'll be able to tell you how much a home will rent for in your local rental market.

Investment Analysis

investment analysis

One of the top perks of working with EvolveNV is that we'll keep you fully up to speed with all of the market information you need to ensure your investment succeeds.

Up to Date Legal Overviews

legal overviews

It's important to stay informed about the laws that affect properties that are occupied by tenants. That's why the EvolveNV app provides constantly updated legal information that you need to know.

Our Team

evolve nevada

We have more than two decades of experience in the property management business. In that time, we've taken on almost 500 doors and we now manage more than $200 million of assets.

Our friendly team has all the skills and expertise necessary to help you and your investment thrive in the Reno area market!

As a full-service property management company, we handle every aspect of ensuring your rental property's success. Using the EvolveNV app provides you with a direct link to property management experts you can trust.

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