How long does it take to start managing the property?

Immediately on the effective date of the contract.

How long does it take to find tenants?

Our goal is to find suitable tenants as soon as possible, thus maximizing the return on investment for the property owner. In order to do this, we utilize the internet as it is the primary source for tenant property searches.

Do you screen prospective tenants?

Yes, we screen all prospective tenants. The screening process includes; income verification, credit worthiness, criminal background check and reference check from previous landlords. Once completed, we utilize a consistent scoring system which is applied to all tenant applicants.

What is the process of determining my property's rent?

We utilize analytics for comparables to determine current market rent for the given property. Based on the preference of the property owner, we review the recommended market rent to insure that we are aligned with the expectations of the owner.

How do you collect the rent?

Our system allows multiple ways to pay rent 24-hours a day. Additionally, we can receive payments at our office during normal working hours. Tenants can also mail-in payments in the form of a check or certified funds.

How do I receive my monthly draw?

Most of our owner clients prefer to have their monthly draws paid via ACH directly to their bank account. We have an expedited payment option available.

Can I keep my current insurance?

Yes, property insurance is required and we will require the insurance information for our records. Please add Evolve Nevada as an additionally insured on your policy.. Also, be sure to discuss with a Property Manager insurance options relative to liability coverage for the property owner as well as liability insurance coverage for tenants.

What happens when the tenant moves out?

When the tenant moves out, we inspect the property's condition thoroughly. We will determine any tenant responsible charges and deduct those expenses from the held tenant security deposit.

What kind of inspections do you conduct?

We offer to all owners, routine property inspections at any interval desired by the property owner which includes a full walk-though photographed assessment of all rooms and any potential issues. We perform move-out inspections as tenants vacate properties to determine any tenant responsible charges; and move-in inspections to verify the property condition and occupancy readiness. Additionally, we perform weekly property inspections for all vacant properties under management.

How are the utilities paid?

Our standard lease requires that tenants pay all utilities; either directly to the utility provider or to us in along with their monthly rent. Be sure to discuss with your assigned property manager our bill paying services which can include utility payments, tax payments, HOA dues and mortgage payments.

What if my tenant doesn't pay rent on time?

All tenant leases include a provision for the collection of late fees. Once rent is past due, our team contacts the tenant to discuss the overdue payment with the goal to secure the monthly rent and provide a timely payment to the owner. Continual delinquent payments may result in tenant eviction, a service our team is well qualified to address.

What is the policy for routine property repairs?

We will address the repair of damages using our licensed and professional partners. Before the repairs begin, we will inform you about the details. When we receive your authorization, we will dispatch the appropriate vendor as soon as possible. All maintenance and repairs are performed by high-quality, licensed vendor partners, most of whom have a long standing business relationship with our firm.

What information is available in my owner portal?

Through the owner portal, you are able to access all owner documents and monthly financial statements. Additionally, all tenant relative documents are posted to your portal for your review and recall. All documents can be viewed through the portal at any time.

Is it a good idea to allow pets?

Allowing pets is at the sole discretion of the property owner. Approximately 70% of tenants in single family homes have pets. To help ensure protection for our owners, we offer a “pet guarantee” which protects your property for property damage up to $3,000. Be sure to discuss with a property manger the detail specific to this guarantee.