9 Reasons to Consider Moving to Reno

Recently, mid-sized cities in the US are making a revival as many people are looking to move away from larger cities. As a result, many are choosing to reside in Reno, Nevada. Unlike large cities, Reno Nevada offers more job opportunities, affordable housing, and quality living with a robust hotel and casino culture. Reno is also a great place to appreciate nature and outdoor adventure, and experience culture.

It's the ideal city for young people who want to purchase their first home or build their careers. It's also perfect for families who wish to grow and companies who would like to expand their businesses.

Below are some of the top reasons you should move to Reno.

1. More Opportunities and No Income Tax

Companies like Microsoft, Apple, Switch, Intuit, and Patagonia have facilities in Reno, and as a result, many jobs were created for people with various skills and backgrounds.

Additionally, Reno is a hub for technology, manufacturing, and E-commerce business. Nevada also gives tax incentives to encourage companies to relocate and expand.

Best of all, Reno has no personal income tax for businesses and individual workers. Because of this, many new and established companies, as well as workers, move to Reno.

2. Affordable Housing

Most young people are concerned about housing. Because of the steep housing prices, they can't coordinate with real estate agents to purchase or rent a property in large cities.

That's why many move to Reno NV! Reno Nevada ranks as more affordable for renting or buying properties when compared to the national average. To illustrate, the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco is around $3,609. But in Reno's reasonable housing market, the average one-bedroom rent is only about $1,259.

Since Reno is the biggest little city, you can access the community and experience a better quality of life. In Reno, the neighborhood is vibrant and alive.

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3. Experience New Culture

Reno is also known as Nevada's Biggest Little City in the World. To make your life more exciting, you can access trendy dining places, events, a cultural festival, the Great Reno Balloon Race, a local wildlife sanctuary and a beautiful riverfront promenade in Reno. Downtown Reno also has many shopping areas and a thriving craft beverage scene.

Small-business owners and developers recently revamped Reno's downtown and Midtown districts to create a fresh new scene for those living in the Reno metro area.

To get a taste of craft beer, locals and visitors go to Brasserie Saint James, an award-winning mid-size brewery. If you want to experience modern French dining, you can check out Lulou's.

You can also experience ethnic Indian and Filipino cuisines at Royal India and Silong Kainang Pinoy.

More excellent dining spots where residents enjoy good food and a lively atmosphere are casino buffets or the Great Full Gardens on hot August nights. You can also catch bluegrass at Mountain Music Parlor or local musicians at Midtown Wine Bar.

The Reno area is also a gateway to Burning Man, a massive gathering in the desert that happens once a year. You can find some of the sculptures produced for the festival at Play Art Park.

4. Appreciate the Great Outdoors

Living in Reno offers an opportunity for outdoor adventure in a beautiful desert climate during all four seasons. Located less than an hour from Reno is Lake Tahoe, one of the country's most beautiful places. You can go boating, fishing, rafting, golfing, and hiking in Lake Tahoe during the summer. In the winter months, you can enjoy life, get some rest and visit some world renowned ski resorts. Lake Tahoe is indeed a paradise for outdoor lovers.

The city is also located against the Sierra Nevada. Here, you can enjoy world class ski resorts and other winter sports. Plus, the Truckee River flows right in the middle of the town. If you go outside the city, you can go kayaking and whitewater rafting.

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5. Home of a Top-Flight Research University

You can find a Tier 1 research university in Reno, the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR). Considered a doctoral university, UNR is also listed as one of the Carnegie Foundation's top research universities. It's best known for its science, engineering, and medical programs, including biotechnology and earthquake science. It has seen significant growth in student enrollment, as well as faculty-student problem-solving ventures.

Students in UNR and potential employers mutually benefit from a "pipeline" relationship. Because of this, recent UNR graduates can find job offers in Reno and continue to live in the city. It's a win-win for the students and potential employers.

6. Excellent Location

In real estate, location is everything, and Reno Nevada offers an excellent location. It's located in northern Nevada which allows you to feel close to nature. However, the city is still near the largest Western cities. You can arrive to San Francisco, California in less than a four-hour drive by car in reasonable traffic, or hop on a quick flight to Vegas or Carson City. Compared to other cities, Reno offers a great mix of rural and urban living and even has excellent public transportation.

7. Great Weather

When choosing a place to live, the weather can play a big role. If you're like most people, you want to live in a city that offers excellent weather. Reno Nevada offers fantastic weather, as it's relatively warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Reno allows you to experience all 4 seasons.

8. Provides a Great Nightlife

Living in Reno Nevada has its advantages because it's close to casinos and gaming places. Reno offers many options if you want to enjoy a night out in the city with friends.

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9. Enjoy Sports

Locals in Reno love sports, and there are several sporting events that you can enjoy. You can catch college athletics, minor league baseball, and basketball, and professional golf events, among others!

Bottom Line

Reno is a mid-size city that has a lot of things to offer for all types of people. Young people can easily find work and invest in their first home. While families can grow, and businesses can expand in Reno. Reno provides the experience of big city Las Vegas living, while retaining its small-town charm.

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