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Are you looking to invest in a rental property? Truth be said, few options in the current market can compete with property investments. Compared to stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles, real estate is in a league of its own!

Provided you invest in the right neighborhood, you can expect a stable flow of rental income, an appreciation of property value over the years, and also enjoy tax incentives from the county and federal governments. The property also protects you from economic shocks like inflation.

While this all sounds good, property investment requires that a potential investor has the technical knowledge and expertise to make informed decisions before and after the purchase of the property. That’s where you need an experienced and reputable service provider to help you navigate your way through it all.

Evolve Nevada is the leading service provider, offering exceptional property solutions for its clients in the area and out-of-state investors alike. We are a locally owned and operated company known for our transparency, accountability, and quality customer service.

What separates us from other property experts in the area is the customization of our property solutions. From our experience in the Northern Nevada property market, we appreciate that every client’s property needs are unique.

We, therefore, offer a boutique service, helping our clients meet their real estate investment goals and guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

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out-of-state real estate investors

How Evolve Nevada Can Assist You

As a trusted real estate service and management provider in the region, Evolve Nevada can meet your property investment needs in several ways. Our team has detailed some of our services and property solutions below:

Due Diligence

Before placing your signature on any sale agreement, you must perform thorough due diligence on any property. A property may appear to be in pristine condition and located in a prime location but upon further inspection and research you may realize that it isn’t a viable investment.

Using our networks in the region, our team at Evolve Nevada will help you get data on vacancy rates, average rental rates, property taxes, turnover rates, and other pertinent details on the property and neighborhood.

Providing Local Expertise

Whether you are a local or out-of-state investor, you might need the help of an experienced and reputable company to offer you localized property advice. At Evolve Nevada, we know which neighborhood will suit different investors' needs.

We can assist prospective investors in running the numbers. We will perform ROI and other financial calculations to help you make an informed decision.

Making Your Property Rent Ready

Once you’ve obtained a property, you’re one step closer to enjoying the fruits of rental property investment. There is one significant barrier that you must overcome before leasing out your property; making the property renter ready.

Getting investment properties rent-ready

You should be aware that the state has put provisions that dictate the minimum habitability standards of a rental property. Failing to abide by these provisions is illegal and you may find yourself facing legal consequences. The rental property market has also set its standards, making the market competitive.

To help minimize vacancies, increase rental income, and ensure legal compliance the team from Evolve Nevada can advise on renovations and upgrades that allow you to compete in the market.

Managing the Property

While you might have purchased a quality piece of real estate with high potential, you can only reap those benefits with a comprehensive management solution.

Initially, many property owners opt to self-manage their investment properties. However, self-management requires that you put in hours of work, deal with tenants’ requests, at whatever time of day, and be on top of the daily operations. This can be quite a stressful endeavor.

Rely on Evolve Nevada, a full-service property management company. We serve a number of suburbs and communities in the Northern Nevada area. Our company has the experience to manage the goings-on of your property. We provide a wide range of property solutions, from the screening of tenants to rent collection to maintenance of the property.

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Utilizing Our Network

The property industry is multi-faceted. To successfully acquire and manage your investment property, you will need the contribution and expertise of various players in the industry. You will need lawyers, accountants, and maybe even a lending company to be able to acquire your investment property.

For your investment, you require nothing short of the best, that is experienced, reputable, and trusted service providers. Evolve Nevada will use our wide network in the region to your benefit. We assure you of a harmonious and smooth effort to secure and manage your investment property.

Why Choose Us?

To be able to invest right and enjoy the full benefits of property ownership and leasing, you need a partner by your side who understands the complexities of the property market. That partner is Evolve Nevada!

We employ only the best property and real estate experts in northern Nevada. All our professionals are licensed, experienced, and well-trained. By hiring our services, you are tapping into years of experience. Whether it’s your first investment or your tenth, Evolve Nevada has something to offer you.

Contact us today and we can prepare a comprehensive plan on how you can invest your resources into property in the region. Should you need the help of different players in the market, we are ready to use our wide network to help you.

Evolve Nevada is ready to help you every step of the way. For a stress-free, personalized property investment journey, get in touch with us today!